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Rent accommodation in a safe and secure way on BedyCasa (Secured payment, Free Customer Service open 7 days a week, Invoice, owner/tenant contracts, Optional Travel insurance).

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Boost your income by renting out a room you have free, meet new and interesting people, and share authentic and exciting experiences from your computer/phone.




Discoveries and Visits

Book low cost and authentic accommodation and visit Paris, New York, Barcelona, London or Rome, whilst benefitting from advice and tips from your host during your stay.
A bedroom at a local's in Paris starts from just €20 a night, as does anapartment in Barcelona. We have everything from charming hotels for romantic types, to huts in the wilderness for the adventurous!

Studies and Training

Rent a room at a local's for your studies or for training, and benefit from a friendly host and a low price. Useful for work placements and experience or exams. Find ideal student rooms at private individuals' close to your school or institution, without any paperwork constraints (such as applications procedures, deposits etc.) You can also search for language exchange rentals, available with our host families in England, Madrid, Rome, etc...


When hotels are full or out of your budget, don't miss out on events. Whether it's GlastonburyFestival, Nottinghill Carnival or sporting events at Wembley or Twickenham etc... You can book a room to stay at a local's.

Business trips

Find a friendly welcome whilst away on business trips. Staying with a local in large cities is an excellent alternative to a hotel, allowing you greater availability, lower costs and a friendlier host! What's more is that you can get a bill to use for your expenses.

Personal trips

Enjoy cheap accommodation around the world for all types of personal trips away (such as visiting family, medical appointments, moving away etc.)


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