How does it work?

We put travellers and hosts in touch with each other, creating the opportunity of to stay at locals' as an alternative to hotels.

  • With BedyCasa you can travel for less
  • You can meet new, friendly people along the way
  • Your travel experience is much more authentic, and you will learn about local lifestyle and culture

Find a room

  1.   Type in your destination using the search engine to look for a room
  2.   Choose your host from our Bedycasa users
  3.   Reserve your room online and benefit from an authentic, friendly and economic stay!

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Offer a room

  1.   Advertise your room on Bedycasa
  2.   Get in touch with Bedycasa travellers
    and take their bookings
  3.   Make the rent at the end of the month; and enjoy meeting new people!

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