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Bedycasa® is an internationally registered trademark.

It is owned by World Family LTD.



WORLD FAMILY (Bedycasa) is registered with the French register of insurance intermediaries ORIAS under the registration number: 13001516



• Legal agent of insurance intermediary from 8 March 2013.


Website General Conditions


1. Products and services


Some property owners as well as host families are selected by means of multicriteria forms to be filled in. These forms have been crafted following four market studies (accommodation, tourism, hosting, travel) carried out by the Bedycasa team over the last few years. At any time, families and/or owners of homestay establishments can request Bedycasa to conduct a survey for them, and Bedycasa will visit their establishment depending on work schedule availability. 


2. Contact details and moderations on Bedycasa


Warning: connection between members is free but you must not ask for the member’s contact details. You will receive them once a booking is made. We kindly inform you that Bedycasa staff regularly moderate the site, which means that your account can be deleted if in any case this condition is not respected. Moreover, some members on Bedycasa have also asked us to not give out their contact details before there has been a sufficant information exchange. We thank you for respecting their wishes.

By signing up to Bedycasa (or any extension linked to it), you agree that your communications can be viewed and controlled by the administration of the site.


3. Becoming a member


To become a member, you must provide accurate information about yourself. Following the verification of that information, you will receive confirmation of your membership by email. As a member, you may access the site at any time. If you are a traveller, you may modify your form and contact the landlords/host families who meet your search requirements. If you are a landlord/host family, you can modify your form, change the description of your accommodation, add rooms, and modify the form to be relevant to the "profile of your guests" etc. Please do not use any third party's account and do not give your ID to others.


4. Travellers


When you contact a family/landlord for the first time, you must provide exact information about yourself and abide by the code of ethics enforced on the Internet.


5. Arrangements by travellers


You are personally responsible for the organisation of your travel arrangements (passport, visa, vaccines)..

We kindly ask you to liaise directly with the embassy or the consulate of the country you plan to visit.


6. Cancellation


- Cancellation by the traveller:

The cancellation policy is as follows: (if 100% payment was made) 


  • If the traveller cancels 10 days before check-in:

85% refund is given to the traveller.

The host is not compensated, but Bedycasa will help him/her to rent out his/her room to another traveller.


  • If the traveller cancels 10 to 2 days before check-in:

50% refund is given to the traveller

30% compensation is given to the host

Bedycasa will help the host to rent out his/her room to another traveller.


  • The traveller cancels less than 48 hours before check-in:


Cancellation 48 hours before the date of the trip, or if the traveller does not arrive => The traveller will not be reimbursed due to the inconvenience caused (for example if the traveller cancels the day before or on the same day without warning or does not turn up at the host’s home) -60% is reimbursed to the host as compensation for the inconvenience. Bedycasa will also help the host to find another traveller for the room. 

The traveller can ask for a refund within a month from the date of his cancellation. If the traveller has not informed Bedycasa about his cancellation, he can still ask for a refund as long as this is within a month since the date of his booking request. If the traveller does not contact Bedycasa within this period, he will no longer be able to ask Bedycasa for arefund (except for cases with exceptional circumstances).


The traveller has a one month period in which to request for their reimbursement from the date of their cancellation. If the traveller has not informed Bedycasa of their cancellation, the deadline is a month from the date of the payment. If the traveller doesn’t inform Bedycasa during this period, it will not be possible to request a reimbursement (apart from in exceptional circumstances). 

If there was a payment of a 15% deposit: Non-refundable


- Cancellation by the host:

For hosts who go through our trusted third party services, Bedycasa offers cancellation insurances.

  • If the host wants to cancel a booking, contacting Bedycasa's Customer services is recommended.

If the host cancels a booking, Bedycasa will take a 25% commission on the following booking he/she accepts, instead of the usual 15%.

If the reason for the host’s cancellation is justified (natural disaster, illness, death).

  • Bedycasa's Customer services will try to find a host, whose prices and availability correspond to the traveller’s preferences.

If Bedycasa finds a host for the traveller, but the traveller is not interested, Bedycasa will consider that the traveller cancelled his reservation.

If none of the hosts correspond to the traveller’s preferences, the traveller will be refunded.

For hosts who do not go through our trusted third party, Bedycasa will not provide any compensation.

Hosts receive a reminder asking them to confirm the traveller’s arrival the day after their traveller’s arrival. Hosts can ask for their lodging compensation up until a  month from the check-in date. If a host does not ask for his lodging compensation within this period, he will no longer be eligible to receive it (except in exceptional circumstances).  


7. Price and payment


Free subscription for travellers/lodgers and students

Platform by which you can add your profile for free and search for various destinations (see Traveller Area or Student/Lodger Area)

Free subscription for hosts

A small commission (15%) will be taken for successful bookings

=>You can consult the diverse range of adverts for free via the quick, or advanced search tool on the site


8. Conditions of payment


Payment should be made by credit card (Visa, Mastercard)


9. Changes in price & programme


Bedycasa reserves the right to change prices shown according to the cost of living index.


10. Secured payments


This is a standard payment protocol which is recognized throughout the world for the protection of data transmitted via the Internet. It is available on practically all browsers (Internet Explorer V3.02 and subsequent versions of Microsoft, Navigator V1.1 and subsequent versions of Netscape, Firefox…).


The data provided on your card (number, expiry date, etc) is encrypted prior to being sent from your PC to the e-transactions payment server.


11. Insurance



Bedycasa recommends the purchase a travel insurance cover (in case of repatriation, accident, theft, loss, cancellation etc). Bedycasa will not be held responsible for any action resulting from failure to subscribe to insurance.

If you are not covered by any private insurance, Bedycasa recommends subscribing to Mondial Assistance where the premium charged will be billed separately at a rate corresponding to the services purchased.


Owners/Host families


The landlord or the host family may also purchase an insurance policy against theft and materials damages caused by a third party. In principle this is offered at the time that you sign your lease. Kindly contact your insurance company for more details. BedyCasa also has the contracted insurance company 'Mondial Assistance' to cover damages.


12. Under age


• Under age children cannot travel alone without written authorisation of their parents. This document must be sent by email or by express courier delivery to the family who will be hosting the child => download authorisation document

• Under age children must not be served alcoholic drinks, except if it is legal in the country where they are staying

• Children under the age of 16 are not authorized to go out alone (without a chaperon) late in the evening, except in the context of school outings or if the law of the country authorizes it

• Children between 16 and 18 years of age are permitted to be out till 1:00 a.m.,  this does not apply on weekends or if the law of that country so authorizes.

• Under age children are not authorized to travel alone in, or outside the country they are visiting. Parents hold full responsibility for their minors if this clause is not respected.


13. Jurisdiction


French law only applies to the Internet website and General Conditions. In case of lawsuit, all proceedings will go through the Avignon legal department.


14. Responsability is a matching website. In that sense, Bedycasa will, in no way, be liable for the content or lack of or irrelevance information on forms on the site, in so far as these advertisements are drafted by third parties who are solely responsible for their content. Consequently, any action carried out in relation to information published on the site is at the users' responsibility and risk. Likewise, Bedycasa will not be responsible for any damages or conflicts that could arise between members.


If a traveller only pays a deposit on Bedycasa instead of the total amount, this means that they accept the possibility of other service charges, or a different rate (more or less expensive) for a longer, to which Bedycasa  does not hold any responsibility. 


Legal notice


I. Bedycasa’s commitment


1. Personal data


Personal data gathered by Bedycasa (namely from forms) allow us to know you better and as such means we can offer you a better service. Bedycasa can use data on the site to inform you of its products. Bedycasa can also contact you by means of questionnaires aimed at getting your views and opinions about its existing or future products. Bedycasa will not sell or rent out its address lists to third parties. Bedycasa may however share data with trustworthy partners with a view of providing enhanced services, but your personal data will not be used for any commercial gains and to works to maintain and protect the confidentiality of any information you may provide.


2. I.T. laws and freedom


You have the right to access, amendment, correct and delete of data relating to yourself (article 34 of the ‘Internet policy’). To exert this right, send an e-mail to the following address:


3. Cookies


Users are informed that when they visit the website, a cookie may automatically be installed on their browser. A cookie does not allow a user to be identified but is a means of recording information relating to the user’s browsing habits on the Internet site. The configuration of your browser will inform you about the presence of cookies and to refuse them if you so wish.


II. Warning to Internet users


1. Security on the Internet


Surfers using the website are hereby informed about risks relating to technical specifications of the Internet network: World Family S.A.R.L., cannot guarantee that information shared via the services circulated by World Family S.A.R.L. will not be intercepted by third parties, nor does it guarantee that the confidentiality of exchanges is protected.


2. The Internet user’s responsibility


It is understood that users of the website possess the means required to access the site and are competent to use it.

It is further understood that the user has verified that the IT software they use does not contain any viruses and is in good working condition.

Finally, the user recognises that he has read and understood the legal warning stated and agress to abide by it.


In relation to its activities, the World Family group needs to circulate certain information, such as photographs, maps (Google Maps), software, and services developed by third parties the 

The World Family group is not in any way, shape or form involved in the design and development of these services and cannot guarantee their proper functioning, reliability, pertinence, precision or exhaustiveness of the information, data and services circulated via

Consequently, it is the user’s responsibility to make himself familiar with the information published on the site and independently carry out any verifications.


3. Links with other websites


The site may contain hypertext links to other websites managed by third parties. The World Family group cannot exert any permanent control on these sites nor can it assume any responsibility as to their content. The insertion of these hyperlinks does not mean that World Family approves of the elements contained on those sites.

World Family cannot be held responsible for the content of these sites, nor the fact that these sites appear on the site and as such World Family is in no way to be made liable.

World Family does not give any guarantee for:

• The truthfulness, relevance, quality, completeness and exhaustiveness of the content of these websites in its index

• The pertinence and comprehensiveness of the websites in its index

• Difficulties relating to access and the way these websites are operated

Consequently, World Family will not be held responsible in any cases of disputes occurring between the service provider named in the index on and users. Users of the trading sites referenced by are solely responsible in observing all the regulations applicable to products or services offered to users, and in particular to the laws and regulations relating to:

• Sales via the Internet

• Consumer protection

• Deceptive commercials

• Prices

• The conformity of products and services

• The regulations applying to products and services


Users visiting the Internet site cannot establish any hyperlink with this site without the prior authorisation from Bedycasa.


4. Minors


Every user must recognise that the Internet allows free connection and access to websites whose content is harmful to minors (such as information of a violent or pornographic nature) and should be responsible for not to allowing minors access to such sites.


5. Rules applying to various services


Warning about owners’/ host families’ forms downloadable from the site: The content existing on each mini-site, photographs, texts, are the proprietary for that member, namely, in the case of owners or host families. Any reproduction without prior permission from the owner is deemed illegal. Permission for any reproduction must be granted by email directly from the owners and/or the host families.

In addition, World Family will be in no way liable for the content or lack of relevance of information present on the forms available on the site in so far as these advertisements are drafted by third parties who are solely responsible for their content.

Consequently, it is the user's responsibility to understand the information published on the site and to carry out any verification of it himself if he so wishes.


6. Protection of persons and property


The user recognises that Wold Family aims to foster a practice of trust and togetherness in conformity with public morality on the Internet. Consequently, the user commits not to use the site for any illicit purposes and, namely, not to circulate messages or information, irrespective of its form or nature which:

• Conflicts with public order or morality

•  Does not respect people's private life

• Is harmful, disparaging, racist, xenophobic, of a revisionist nature or capable of undermining the credibility or reputation of others

• Incites discrimination or hatred

• Threatens one or a group of persons

• Is of a pornographic or paedophile nature

• Incites crime, a breaching of law or to a terrorist act, or being an apology for war crimes or crimes against humanity

• Incites suicide

• Violates laws about confidentiality of correspondence, or, in a broader context, contrary to a regulation or law in force.

Furthermore the user commits himself:

• Not to avail himself of the services offered by World Family or personal data to which he might have access to for commercial purposes, in general, nor to offer products and services for personal gain either in a direct or indirect way

• Not to restrain the use of the site by any means whatsoever, not to falsify any items or mentions on the site

• Not to hack any computer system, nor to modify its content, or be guilty of any of the transgressions punishable under articles 323-1 to 323-7 of the Penal Code (“hacking”), and not to send unsolicited messages to other users’ mail boxes (“spamming”).

The position of World Family is irrevocable and it is in conformity with all legal obligations.


7. Etiquette on the net


The user is hereby made fully aware of the existence of rules and practices in force on the Internet. These rules are known as 'Netiquette' as well as various other codes of ethics accessible on the Internet. For any additional information, the official document which defines the rules of the netiquette is the RFC 1855


8. Intellectual property



The content, namely text (copyright), graphics (registration of drawings and model) and illustrations (logo, registration of sign), published by the World Family company are copyright protected.


Any reproduction, representation as a whole or in part, of this site by any means whatsoever, whether in France or abroad, without having obtained the express authorisation Bedycasa is prohibited and it would constitute as a counterfeit punishable under articles L 335-2 and foll. of the Intellectual Property Code.



Data bases appearing on the Internet site are protected by the clauses of the 11th July 1998 law contained in the (Intellectual Property Code) or the 'propriété intellectuelle' code (CPI) of the 11th March 1996 European directive relating to the legal protection of data bases. 

The extraction or re-usage, quantitatively or qualitatively substantial, of data bases on this Internet site is strictly prohibited. Any offender is liable to the sanctions listed under articles L 343-1 and foll. of the Intellectual Property Code.



The trade marks of Bedycasa and its partners, as well as the logos appearing on the site are trade marks (semi-figurative or not) and have been formally registered. Any reproduction in whole or in part of these trade marks or these logos made from elements on this site without the express authorisation of Bedycasa is prohibited, according to articles L.713-2 and foll. of the Intellectual Property Code.


9. ID passwords

Each user who creates an account is determined by an ID and a password.


The password which allows the user to identify himself and to be connected to services is personal and confidential. The user alone is responsible for of their password. The user commits themself to keeping his password secret and to not divulge it in any form whatsoever.


10. Limited access


The World Family group reserves the right to refuse any user access to the whole or a part of, unilaterally and without prior notice, namely in case of blatant violation of this legal warning by a user.


11. Amendments of these terms et conditions


The World Family group reserves the right to modify the terms, conditions and warnings of this legal notice subject to French law. Consequently, World Family recommends that your read these clauses regularly in order to remain informed of changes that may be made herein.


Any member who is revealed to not abide by these rules would receive a comment on his profile following investigation by Bedycasa.