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Casa Catrina Master Bedroom


Mexico City, Xochimilco , Mexico

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Description of the space proposed to travellers:

Casa Catrina is a luxurious house down a quaint little Xochimilco street with a well kept garden that gives out onto the canal. It is ideal for families, or for a weekend romantic getaway.

Xochimilco (nahuatl for “place of the flower fields”) is an 800 year old indigenous village in southern Mexico City specialized in flower production upon floating islands (Chinampas) since before the conquest of Mexico by the Spaniards. Thanks to this, Xochimilco was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is also famous for the amount of local festivities, which exceed the amount of days in the Gregorian calendar. The town itself is built out onto the lake, and boat and kayak rides are available to the Chinampas, the Island of the Dolls, or simply to go out and enjoy the diversity of local wildlife.

Casa Catrina has available
1 Master bedroom with all possible amenities, including:
-A Apollo deluxe shower with 15 directional showerheads!
-A two person Jacuzzi with skylight. ;-)
-Walk-in Closet

Three individual bedrooms, two with single beds and closets and one with two single beds.
Three upstairs bathrooms (one of which has a sitting shower).
Spacious Kitchen with large fridge and oven.
Professional Poker table.
Large brick Bar-B-Q Grill.

I hope you enjoy my home, and please feel free to contact me with any questions. If you would like, home catering can be arranged during your stay.

Best time of year to visit: Christmas, and Semana Santa (two weeks following New Year’s), and Dia de los Muertos, “Day of the Dead” (last week of October).

Host preferences
Minimum 1 day(s)

Close to

Bus lines close to the accommodation

  • Vicente Guerrero - José María Morelos at 702m
  • 16 De Septiembre - Francisco I. Madero at 830m
  • José María Morelos - Francisco I. Madero at 842m
  • 16 De Septiembre - Netzahualcóyotl at 997m
  • José María Morelos - Netzahualcóyotl at 999m



Category Vacational rental
Type Individual bedroom - 300 m² - Up to 8 people
Arrival time anytime
Departure time by noon

What's there

Type of bed King size bed: sleeps 4 - Single bed: sleeps 1 - Single bed: sleeps 1 - Single bed: sleeps 1 - Single bed: sleeps 1
Commodities Private bathroom  -  Private toilet
Amenities Jacuzzi - Barbecue - Microwave


Smokers No


Pets accepted No



Lodgers Per night per week (7 nights) per month (28 nights)
1 person €64 €380 €1,164
2 people €91 €541 €1,656
3 people €118 €702 €2,147
4 people €146 €868 €2,657
5 people €173 €1,029 €3,148
6 people €191 €1,136 €3,476
7 people €218 €1,297 €3,967
8 people €246 €1,463 €4,477

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