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Private Room With Pool


Asuncion , Paraguay

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Description of the space proposed to travellers:
Single private room with private entrance and access to the pool , the garden , grill and kitchen . Breakfast, Wifi and laundry included. FREE welcome tour visiting Asunción by night to see iconic buildings lit up.

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Category Homestay guest room
Type Individual bedroom - 6 m² - For 1 person

What's there

Type of bed Single bed: sleeps 1
Commodities Private bathroom  -  Private toilet
Amenities Climatisation - Parking - Computer - Fan - Hair dryer - Heating - Fridge - Phone - Working space - TV - Barbecue - Microwave - Equipped kitchen - Terrace/Garden/Patio - Swimming pool


Travellers accepted One person - Seniors - Students - Business travellers - Friends/family
Smokers Inside


Pets accepted Accepted
Pets in the house Dog



Lodgers Per night per week (7 nights) per month (28 nights)
1 person €16.25 €96.60 €295.21

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