What’s a ‘chambre d’hôtes’ ?

The chambres d’hôtes are furnished apartments or bedrooms in order to host tourists on a fee basis, for one or several nights, including services. They have to comply with certain rules : dimension, location, hosting capacity …
This term is particularly used in France. In general, the owner will host and settle you and will also offer you to have dinner (the ‘tables d’hôtes). He can offer you from 1 to 5 bedrooms. Most of the times, the owner has transformed his own house and has invested so as to greet tourists on a regular basis the whole year; as a consequence, he will show a great attachment to this activity because he has invested a lot of energy. Unlike the hotels, the welcome is personalised and the objective is also for you to discover his region, his patrimony and his culture on a more authentic way.

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What is the difference with a homestay ?

A homestay is usually referred to the bedroom of a child left from the family house for his studies and as a consequence, very little work has been realised. Nevertheless, you will benefit from your own independent space with your own keys, supplied sheets and very often, the host will offer you a cup of coffee or tea on the next morning. The welcome is friendly and the money for value is very good. The price of a homestay is generally around 30€/night in rural areas or secondary cities and 50€ in the capitals. As for the ‘chambre d’hôtes’, the price is usually 3x higher but you will also find higher premium services.

What’s a ‘gite’ ?

The ‘gite’ (=cottage in english) is a furnished house or apartment used for short term vacation rentals. You will hear the expression ‘rural gite’, particularly in France. As the name for itself, these rural gites are located in rural zones and are totally independant from the main house. You can book them for festivities purposes such as birthdays, weddings, family events…You will also find the designation ‘stopover gite’; it also concerns independant houses or apartments but are usually used by hikers, bikers who will stay for one or two nights during a road trip.

What are the differences according to the countries and what is the difference with a Bed and Breakfast ?

In Québec, the ‘chambres d’hôtes’ are called ‘gites’ (the owner is present in the premises and the welcome is personalised);
In the English-speaking countries and in the urban zones, you will find them under the designation ‘Bed & Breakfasts’; for the Spanish-speaking countries, they will be called the ‘casas de huespedes’ (rather used in Latin America), ‘casas de familia’ (Mexico, Argentina) or ‘casas particulares’ (Cuba) or ‘casas de particulares’ (Spain). In Morrocco, you will find as well ‘chambres d’hôtes’ as ‘Riads’ (very similar to the ‘chambres d’hôtes’, only the hosting capacity and the decoration can change). In Japan, you will find them under the designation of ‘Minshuku’ or ‘Ryokan’ (premium ‘chambres d’hôtes’).

For whom ?

  • Tourists
  • Families
  • Backpackers
  • Workers
  • Students, interns, high schools children, under age

For what type of bookings ?

  • Tourist booking
  • Recurrent booking
  • Alternate booking on a long stay period

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