Book a vacation rental for your pets or take them with you !

More than 60 000 dogs and cats are abandoned each year in France. At BedyCasa, we are very sensitive to the animal cause and this is why we propose you some solutions for your pets. On this page, you will then find some custody solutions for your pets but also vacation rentals such as apartment, homestay, bed and breakfasts or rural gites (=cottages) for your dogs, cats or even your unusual pets.


For which pets ?

Dogs, cats, unusual pets, horses…there is one for everyone’s taste and even if you don’t see the mention ‘pets accepted’ on the advert, you can ask the host ! If your pet is small, he might accept his presence.

What are the travel paperwork ?

Passport :

In Europe, the passport for your pet will be very useful and will avoid you lots of paperwork. Read this blog for more information (in french but you can use google translation for an english translation).
Specific vaccinations and special care before departure :
In numerous countries or in numerous pets boarding facilities, you will be asked for vaccinations and vermifugation up to date.
In certain countries, you will be asked for specific documents : import documents, health certificate, identification documents. In the airports, since 2004, the dogs and cats identification is compulsory; it can be done via a tatoo or a chip. Please contact your veterinary for more information.
Here is the list of the most rigorous countries in regards to pets paperwork :
Ireland, Sweden, UK (non exhaustive list). Get information on your embassy’s website before leaving.


Take your pet with you while traveling


Very convenient means of transport provided, if only your pet likes it !
As far the cats, hamsters, rabbits and other small pets concerned, it is highly recommended to put them into a carrying box. You can also add some feliway 2 hours before departure that you can spray in the whole box so your pet can relax (they are natural hormones). Don’t forget to water every two hours your pets with a bottle of water and a bowl that you would bring with you in the car. If you take a break on the road, don’t ever leave your pet alone in your car with the windows closed ! take him with you or work in shift with someone else to get him out of the car.


Your pet can travel with you if you provide a ticket for him. According to the websites and the countries, count a few euros per pet.


For the small pets, you can travel in cabin with them. Look at the website of your airline company.
Be careful if you decide to have your pet travel into the baggage compartment, we recommend you to control the conditions of this travel by looking for reviews on this company on line to see if there has been a precedent case; in certain countries, the owners can find their pet dead at their arrival at the airport due to a lack of care of your pet by the airline staff. When this happens, you have very few actions to undertake. If the company is not reliable, we recommend you to take the boat, it’s safer !

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