Add/edit my advertisement(s)

How do i add a new advertisement?

To add a new advertisement, start by logging in your Account via the Login link located at the top right of all BedyCasa pages.

Once connected,

  • Click on the Accommodations Menu of your BedyCasa account (easy access to your account can be found via "My Account" at the top of all BedyCasa pages)
  • If your accommodation is at the same address as the ad that already exists, click the button "Add an accommodation at this address" found at the right top hand corner of the listing of your accommodation, and from there you won't have to follow the instructions to create your ad.
  • If your accommodation has a different address from the one that already exists, click on the green button "Create a new address" just above your ad, and you won't have to follow the instructions to create your ad.

What makes an advertisement attractive, how can i make my advertisement and profile appealing to users?

Your advertisement is a reflection of your accommodation, it is therefore highly important to make your advertisement as attractive as possible.

    • Use a good geolocalisation: Clarity in the location of your accommodation is very important! The street or road name as well as the number are vital and must be inputted (don't worry, only BedyCasa and those with the restricted rights can access this). If you are someone living in the countryside, a village or outside of a town, then please put the primarily use the name of the nearest town (e.g. Manchester rather than Hale), you will then immediately after be able to modify the location and insert the right town. This is important because, accommodation badily location on the map is giving the traveller wrong information and thus creates the risk of them having a nasty surprise once they have reserved and only then do you give them the exact address.
    • Write a full description: Don't hesitate to describe your accommodation, the services/commodites/amenities as well as what can found in and around your area, (shops, bus/tram/underground, sites or well-known and interesting monuments, schools, hospitals, what is included or not (breakfast, bedding, towels…), whether there is access to the kitchen or not, private or communal bathroom, whether the toilet is shared or not, whether you have any pets, etc. Don't hold back on the details!
    • Photos: at least two or three of the bedroom and at least one of the kitchen, living room and bathrooms and toilet. Furthermore, don't hesitate to take other photos, such as the view out of the window or of your garden... A profile photo is also strongly recommended in order to make your advert more personal and welcoming.
    • Price per day: One of the most important point is to avoid reservations with unsuitable tarifs which could trigger refusals, could cause frustration and be seen as deception on the traveller's part. We also advise you to use tarifs which are not too high in the beginning in order to gain a large number of travellers and also so that you can obtain the Worldfamily label which certifies your accommodation and thus leads to a greater number of request thereafter. Create special tarif rates which suit different seasons, particularly as summer approaches and during school holidays.
    • Maintain your calendar: Make sure you enter into your calendar when you are unavailable in orderto avoid having to later refuse reservations, such as during times when you have family visiting or when you are await reservations from other sites. Refusing a reservation causes frustration for the traveller and can be seen as deception as this was not apparent according to the calendar or availability icon shown for the accommodation on the site. This also allows hosts who do have accommodation available in the same town as you to receive reservations during these periods.
  • How do i update my calendar(s)?

    To update your calendar, start by logging onto your Account via the Login link located at the top right of all BedyCasa pages.

    • Click on the Calendar menu of your BedyCasa account (easy access to your BedyCasa account can be found via the "My account" tab at the top of all BedyCasa pages)
    • You will find the Calendar menu, your accommodation ad(s) and a direct access to "update" any unavailable periods.
    • To enter your unavailability, click the "Update" button, where you can then save the dates where the accommodation is unavailable, or by directly clicking with your mouse on calendar dates, or filing the periods in the box "Creating a new period of unavailability/ availability" that you can find further down on the same page.
    • What if you use multiple rental websites and it is difficult for you to update all the calendars of all sites used? Note that most sites allow you to import or export your calendar in order to save time and synchronize your calendars. If you want to add a calendar from another site, export the iCal link format from the site concerned and import it to the advert on BedyCasa  "Import iCal calendar". From there, all reservations and unavailability listed on the third party sites will be automatically updated on your BedyCasa ad. On the contrary, exporting your calendar in the "iCal" format is also feasible. You simply have to click on the Export the calendar in iCal format button, copy and paste the link, then import it onto the third party site. From there, all bookings received on BedyCasa will be automatically updated on third party sites.

    How do i update my rates?

    To change your rates or one of your ads, first log into your BedyCasa dashboard through the Login link which is found at the top right hand corner of all BedyCasa pages.

    Once connected,

    1. Click on the Accommodations menu of your BedyCasa account (easy access to your account via "My Account" can be found at top of all browser pages).
    2. You will find all your ads of rooms and direct access to "update" each of your ads on the Accommodations menu.
    3. To update your rates, click on the "Edit My Ad" button, where you will find the edit buttons on the left of the page, and to update your rates click on the "Price" button. These are your standard (default) rates.

    On the "Prices" page you can change:

    • Your minimum stay period (e.g. if you do not want to rent accommodation for less than 2 nights) and your maximum stay period (e.g. you do not want to rent accommodation for more than 7 consecutive days) 

    You can also create an update with a special rate for a given period (e.g. event, high season, etc...).

    Finally you can also highlight your ad by adding a promotion from time to time and thus make your offer more attractive and boost your bookings.

    How to insert special rates on my ad(s)?

    With your BedyCasa ad(s), you can easily add special rates depending on the time of year. These may be rates for low, medium and high seasons, different rates for special events, or a special rate agreed with a "traveller" on BedyCasa.

    Once connected,

    1. Click on the Accommodations menu on your BedyCasa dashboard (easy access to your BedyCasa dashboard can be found via "My account" at the top of all BedyCasa pages)
    2. You will find on the Accommodations menu all the listings for your rooms or flats and direct access to "update" each of your ads
    3. In order to Add one or more special rates, click the "Edit My Ad" button where you will find the edit buttons at the left of the page, to add a special rate click on the "Special rates" button.

    On the "Special Rates" page, you can:

    • Fill in the period covered by the special rate (e.g. High season from 1st July to 1st September, all bookings made for stays inside these dates will be calculated with the special rate you have specified)
    • Complete the form
    • Click on validate to save your special rates
    • If you made a mistake on some special rates, click the delete link on the bottom of the rate concerned

      Finally you can also highlight your ad by adding a promotion  from time to time to make your offer more attractive and boost your bookings.

    How to add a promotion on my advert(s)?

    How do i remove special rates?

    If you have registered a special rate or several and you want to delete them, here are the steps of how to do so:

    • Click on the Accommodation Menu on your BedyCasa account (easy access to your account can found be via "My account" at the top of all BedyCasa pages)
    • You will find on the Accommodation menu, listings all of your rooms/flats and a direct access to "update" each of them
    • To access your special rates, click on "Edit the accommodation", where you will find edit buttons on the left of the page. Finally, click on the "Discounts" button

    You will then be redirected to the page with your special rate and you can check those you have saved at the bottom of the page. To remove a special rate that no longer suits you, simply click on "delete" to the right of the rate you want to delete.

    How to add a promotion on my advert(s)?

    Is your accommodation available or will be for future dates and you would be very interested in receiving new booking requests? Add a promotion now to increase the visibility of your ad.

    You can choose the period linked to a promotion and the date on which you would like your promotion to start on BedyCasa. (This promotion will appear as a countdown timer of 7 days, therefore our travelers have 7 days from the launch date to benefit from your promotion).

    • Click on the Accommodation menu on your BedyCasa account (easy access to your account can be found via the "My Account" button at the top of all BedyCasa pages)
    • You will find on all your ads and a direct access to "edit" each of your ads on the Accommodation menu.
    • To Add a Promotion, click the "Edit My Ad" button, you will find the edit buttons on the left of the page, then click the "Promotion" button.

    On the "Promotion" page, you can:

    • Select the period for which you want the promotion to be applied. (e.g. if you choose the month of June, all stays booked within 7 days of activation and of which the dates are between 1st June and 30th June will benefit from the reduction)
    • Select the activation date: the date on which the countdown of 7 days will be activated and the promotion will be visible on your ad. (e.g. It is 4th March and you want to create a promotion for all stays which will take place in June, if you start promoting today, BedyCasa travelers looking for a room in your destination in June will have 7 days to benefit from these attractive prices)
    • Select the percentage of the promotion you want to apply, as well as the rates on which you want this promotion to apply. (If you want to prioritize weekly bookings, apply the promotion only for prices per week, this will make the price per week more attractive for the traveler.)
    • Click on Validate to save your promotion

    You can also put on special rates depending on the period (ideal if your rates change according to low, medium and high seasons).

    How can i delete a discount?

    If you have registered a promotion that you want to delete, follow the following steps:

    • Click on the Accommodation menu on your BedyCasa account (easy access to your account can be found via the "My account" button at the top of all the BedyCasa pages)
    • Here you will find on the Accommodation menu, all listings of rooms/flats and a direct access to "update" each of them
    • To access your discounts, click on "Edit the accommodation", you will find edit buttons on the left of the page. Finally, click on the "Discounts" button

    You will be redirected to your discounts page where you can check discounts that you have saved at the bottom of the page. To remove a discount, simply click on "delete" to the right of the one you wish to remove.

    How do i add/ edit photos of my accommodation?

    You can easily add or edit your photos on your BedyCasa advertisement.

    Once connected,

    • Click on the Accommodation menu of your BedyCasa account (easy access to your BedyCasa account can be foundthrough "My Account" at the top of all BedyCasa pages).
    • You will find all listings of your rooms or flats and a direct access to "update" each of your ads on the Accommodations menu
    • To add photos, click the "Edit My Ad" button,ou will find edit buttons on the left of the the page, to add your photos click the "Photos" button

    On the "Photos" page, you will be able:

    • to add your photos by clicking on "Browse". Your documents folder will be displayed and you simply have to double click on the photo you want to insert
    • Delete pictures by clicking on the small red icon directly below each photo
    • Choose the principal picture through the icon in the shape of a blue pin at the bottom of each photo next to the lens.
    • Add a description of each photo with the "i" icon located next to the pin in the photo.

    How do i modify the default photo in my advertisement(s) ?

    Here are the step to follow in order to modify the default photo in your advertisement(s):

    Once connected,

    • Click on the Accommodation Menu in your BedyCasa account (easy access can be found via "Ma Account" at the top of all BedyCasa pages).
    • On the Accommodation menu you will find the listings of all your rooms, and direct access to "update" each one of your adverts.
    • To add your photos, click on the "Edit my advertisement", button where you will find the edit buttons on the left of the page. To access your photos, click on the "Photos" button.
    • Having selected the photo that you what to choose as your default photo, simply click on the icon in the shape of a blue pin located at the bottom of the photo next to the magnifying glass.

    Why the profile picture is important for a host?

    It is important to put a face to a name. Naturally you too as a host will probably prefer that your traveler has a photo. It allows us to see whom we are communicating with and makes the site much more friendly and pleasant.

    Adding a profile picture also makes your ad more attractive and reassuring for the traveler who looks at it.

    Access your account via the Login link located at the top right of all BedyCasa pages,

      Click on the Profile menu
    • Click on the My pictures button
    • Click on Browse to search and upload photos from your computer

    My address has a wrong geolocation, how do i correct the location on the map?

    To change your address, start by logging onto your Account through the Login link located at the top right of all BedyCasa pages.

    Once connected,

    • Click on the Accommodation menu of your BedyCasa account (easy access to your account can be found via "My Account" at the top of all BedyCasa pages)
    • You will find a small blue button "Modify the address" located on the right above your ad, just next to the "add an accommodation to this address". button. Click on it and from there you can then correct the location of your accommodation.

    In order to make the address as accurate as possible, move the red pointer to the exact location of your accommodation.


    What additional services can i add and how?

    If you offer some additional services, you can enter these on your ad so that the information is properly put forward for travelers. Il peut parfois s'agir d'un critère de recherche pour le voyageur, ne manquez donc pas de bien renseigner votre annonce et vos services complémentaires.

    To edit Services info on your ad(s), log on to your BedyCasa dashboard (via "My Account" at the top of all BedyCasa pages). Then once connected, click the Menu Accommodations , then click the button "Edit the accommodation", then click the button "Additional info".

    Additional services are at the bottom of the page, you can determine a price for each or mention that the service is already included in the price. If the service is an extra, additional services will be paid directly to you.

    • Access to the kitchen: Access to the kitchen is often included in the price but may not exist in the case, for example, of an independent room for rent which does not have a kitchenette. Except in special cases, we recommend that you leave free access to your kitchen on the condition of course that your traveler respects your environment and house rules. Communication is for this reason a true ally.
    • Breakfast : The breakfast may not be offered or offered as an extra. If this is the case, the price must be reasonable. However, we would appreciate if you could offer if possible, a tea or coffee to your travelers. If breakfast is not included or if a continental breakfast is available for an extra. Tea or coffee will not cost you much but is a sign of welcome and friendliness.
    • Towels and sheets provided: The sheets are almost always provided and included in the price except for some seasonal rentals and stopover gîtes and the same goes for towels. You will also agree that as a traveler you will be happy to find these on site. Not offer sheets and towels or offer them at an extra cost will impact negatively the attractiveness of your ad.
    • Deposit requested: it is possible to ask to pay a deposit to the traveler, it will be paid directly hand to hand upon the traveler's arrival and must be returned by you on departure if no damage has been caused. Deposit request is more common for apartment and houses rentals, and can be minima for rooms to ret, for the keyset for example.The amount must also to be coherent with the lease term.
    • Language Courses: During their stay, it is possible to offer language courses to foreign travelers who wish to learn the language of the country, language courses should always be voluntary and not imposed on travelers. In case of your non availability for such services for a given period, do not forget to mention it in the message to the traveler upstream of the booking to avoid disappointment and frustration of the traveler thinking that this service can be offered.
    • Half-board: Your travelers are welcome at your table, put forward the fact that you offer half board and set the price per day and per person (Half board includes breakfast + lunch or dinner). Be careful: your prices should be reasonable.
    • Cleaning fees : cleaning fees are especially justified for self-catering apartments and rentals, cleaning fees are much less for homestay, those above should already be included in the price mentioned on the ad and not added as an extra.
    • Laundry : Your laundry can be available to travelers ? Check the small box and mention if the laundry is included in the price or extra (the rate must be mentioned per machine).
    • Full board: The traveler wants to live with your family in immersion and share the three meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), and you are available for this, please check the full board box and mention the additional costs for meals per day per person.
    • Airport/Station transfer: You can offer transfer from the airport or train station to your home and provide a rate per trip.
    • Personalized tours : You have a lot of free time? Do you like your city, region a lot, and want to share your knowledge with travelers? Feel free to mention on your ad as personalized tours are available, sif you ask a little extra mention the price per visit (of course it must always remain reasonable).
    • Wifi : Internet access via Wifi is now an important consideration for many travelers, we advise you if you have WiFi access at home to share it with the traveler for free.

    How do i modify the minimum or maximum length of stay?

    To modify the minimum and/or maximum length of stay, start by connecting to your BedyCasa Profile via the Login button located at the top right of all BedyCasa pages.

    Once connected,

    1. Click on the Accommodation Menu of your BedyCasa account (you account can be easily account via the "My Account" button at the top of all BedyCasa pages).
    2. Here you will find the the Accommodation menu, listing all of your room advertisements and direct access "update" each of your adverts.
    3. To modify the minimum and/or maximum number of nights stay, click on the "Edit my advertisement" button, where you will then find the edit buttons on the left of the page, then click on the "Price" button.

    You will find here the space to enter the minimum and maximum length of stay just below the minimal and maximal capacity that your acommodation hosts. Once these valeurs have been entered, simply click on the "Validate" button and it will be saved.

    How to temporarily deactivate my ad?

    What happens if your accommodation is rented for a long time, you go abroad, and/ or it will be impossible for you to manage your advert in the coming weeks or months? You can easily change the status of your ad from "Active" to "Invisible" from the Accommodation tab.

    The Invisible status of your ad allows you to make it invisible on the results pages, the ad is always there in your Account but will not be visible to travelers, you will not receive more requests for contacts or reservations. You can change this status again whenever you want.

    Make sure you are logged into your BedyCasa account with the "Login" link at the top of the page.

    • Once logged in, click on My account, then on "Accommodation"
    • Click on "Edit the advert" of the listing in question
    • On the "General Information" page, change the status of the room by choosing "Invisible" (the room will not appear on the site)
    • Click the "Validate" button at thebottom of the page to save the changes

    Why can’t i find my advertisement in the search results?

    • If I received the email informing me that my advertisement has been activated: This could possibility be due to a technical problem. In this case, please contact us at the email address: so that our technical service team can resolve the problem as soon as possible. (Please be as precise as possible in your email, telling us your name and the email address used for your BedyCasa account)
    • I have not received an email informing me that my advertisement has been activated: This could be due to two reasons:
      • If there are photos missing: Any advertisement created without a photo of the bedroom will not be put online on the BedyCasa site. The photo is a fundamental part of the criteria when the traveller is choosing accommodation. 
        We therefore advise that you add the best quality photos possible of the bedroom as well as all the communal rooms and the outside exterior where possible. There is no limit to the number of photos you can upload, so don't hesitate to add as many as you like! We will activate your advertisement once the photos have been uploaded. 
      • If there is missing or incoherent additional information on your advertisement: This could be an advertisement with incoherent tarifs, an incorrect address, or incorrect additional information, such as an incomplete description or perhaps you have only made one advertisement for multiple accommodations. If this is the case then the advertisement cannot be put online. Make sure that you verify all information, and also to make additions to it where necessary. Remember that the more complete an advertisement is, the more attractive it is to travellers. 

      If, even though you have uploaded your photos and your additional information is correct and up to date, and your advertisement is still not online, don't hesitate to contact us via email at: