Become a host/accommodation owner on bedycasa

How do i add an accommodation offer?

To add an advertisement on BedyCasa, simply click on the List your space button, and follow the registration steps.

  1. The address of your accommodation: Start by filling in the address of your accommodation by indicating the exact street, house number and any additional address information which will be helpful for the traveler to find your residence. (e.g. building name, floor, door code, etc...) Your personal details, such as your phone number and address will never be made public on the site, they will only be given to the traveller after a booking is confirmed with the confirmation email
  2. Details of your property: Then describe the accommodation space available for the travellers. If you have multiple rooms available, consider creating an advertisement for each room and always the accommodation category type available, (e.g. if you live in an apartment and are offering the traveller a room in your apartment but not the entire apartment, then opt for the category ‘homestay guest room’).
  3. The description of the space offered (e.g. a room with desk, double bed, etc...) with the residence type and location (e.g a 3 bedroom apartment, downtown, etc...) is very important for travellers, and will be an important factor in the attractiveness of your advertisement. You could also consider describing the neighbourhood, the region, and the activities and amenities nearby, such as public transport, etc... If you find that you're lacking inspiration, simply put yourself in the traveller’s shoes: if you were them, what would you like to know about the accommodation before contacting and/or booking?  With these tabs you can also add your translated description in several languages, which will increase requests from foreign travellers

  4. Rates: State your rates and pay attention to the "host net gain" (which is automatically calculated when you insert your rates). If you do not know what rates apply, then please use our 'Estimate your accommodation' tool
  5. Additional info and related services: at the last stage of registration, add photos of your accommodation (an advertisement without pictures of the accommodation will not be activated on BedyCasa). Also fill in the Additional info and related services section, then validate.

You can change the information on your advertisement(s) at any time via the ‘Accommodation’ editing section on your Dashboard. Simply click on the "Edit the accommodation” button.

Once created, each listing is verified by our team within 72 hours, if any information is missing we will contact you as soon as possible.

What are bedycasa’s charges for hosts?

Bedycasa only earns money by rewarding performance, indeed, we consider it’s the fairest model. We only debit a commission on the bookings through our platform that you have received thanks to our team who makes it possible.

Following to our hosts member’s request, we have edited the commission options which is now shared between the host and the traveler.

From now, we debit a host commission of 7%.

You will then earn 93% from your listing offer price, prices you set as you wish. Your minimum host net profit (based on the 7% commission) is automatically calculated on every price you notify to let you know the accurate amount you will earn depending on the night/week/month or number of people.

The host net profit amount will be given for every booking.


You won’t have any additional fees when signing up or adding one or several listing offers on Bedycasa. You also won’t be charged when publishing your listing offers, sharing with our travelers, our customer service assistance and the promotion of your international listing offers done by our team. The commission debit is done while booking, you don’t have anything to do to pay it back, you will simply earn 93% from your listing offer price.

Our team works every day with passion in order to enable you to use our practical and enjoyable services. Your satisfaction is one of our best guarantee of success.

I have several rooms available at my accommodation, can i create one single advertisement?

If you have several rooms available to at your accommodation, then you should create an advertismement per bedroom. For example: if you created only one advertisement for 3 bedrooms and then another reservation was made on the same advertisement, then the calendar would be blocked and it would be impossible to reserve the 2 other bedrooms for that same period. 

If on occassion you want to rent your bedrooms all together  and not separately (for example: with a master rooms for parents and second room for children), then you could do this by creating one single advertisement.

What price should i charge for my accommodation?

In order to know what price to charge for the accommodation on your advertisement(s), we have a really useful tool which allows you evaluate your accommodation and get a good idea of what tarif to charge. You can evaluate your accommodation immediately by clicking HERE. From there, all you need to do is click on the green button, "Evaluate your accommodation".

Be careful, the tarif given on this tool is solely a guide. In order to help you establish your price, we also advise you to have a look at the tarifs used by other hosts located in the same town as you and perhaps suggest a slightly lower tarif in order to quickly receive interest from travellers and to obtain The "World Family" label. This label is attributed to host after 3 positives comments and shows a real sign quality accommodation.

Should i declare my income from the rental?

In most countries, income from the rental must be declared by the hosts. Regulations and taxation related to those enforced by the host's country, we strongly encourage you to check with the relevant authorities in your state.

In France tax revenues from rental are to be declared as "business profits" and fall under the "Micro-bic" programme if they do not exceed €32,600/ year. The "Micro-bic" system allows you to benefit from a standard abatement of 50% of declared earnings.

Are there tax exemptions for small furnished rentals?

For rented spaces constituting the tenant's principal residence.

You are exempted from income tax providing that you qualify under the three following conditions:

  • you rent one or more parts of your main residence furnished
  • these rooms are rented to the tenant as his principal residence
  • the rent is set within reasonable limits (the concept of reasonable rent is set each year by tax authorities)

For spaces rented out to persons who do not delcare them as their main residence.

  • You qualify for tax exemption on income if you rent a part of your principal residence as usual to persons who do not delcare your home as their main residence when the yield of these locations does not exceed €760 per year.

These two exemptions can be combined.


For all additional information related to tax regulations, do not hesitate to contact the tax office in your area, they will be able to provide you with further details.

What are the regulations surrounding the renting out of the inhabitants accommodation or bedroom?

Laws in a certain number of countries are still a little vague concerning short term let of an inhabitant's appartment or bedroom to rent.

The Mayor of Paris (for example) has stated that "preliminary authorisation is needed for any change of use of an accommodation is needed when making accommodation available for rent for tourists". The law states that authorisation from the Mayor of Paris is needed before making accommodation available for short term(s) rent, that being for a length of less an one year (or 9 months in the case of students) when the proprietor is not living in the accommodation.

This authorisation is not always necessary when the accommodation is considered as the primary residence of the tenant; proprietors who live in their accommodation can therefore rent it out for several weeks of the year with having to demand authorisation. Source:

WIth laws and regulations being vague for the most part and moreover being different from one country to another, we strongly advise you to get in touch with the local authorities in your town for further details and information.

We are currently working with relevant authorities in order to clarify these regulations to allow the best use of our services to all users. 

If you are not the proprietor but have a bedroom free or wish to sublet your accommodation during your holidays, this is possible but only providing there is agreement from the proprietor. 

Do i have to sign up for additional home insurance?

When you become a host and and advertise a single room or accommodation to travellers, it is recommended that you contact your insurance in order to inform them of new activity/ your change of situation, even if it is only temporary or from time to time. As such, your insurer can inform you as to whether your current insurance covers you for example against any damages that could be caused by a travellers, etc. This way you can be fully aware of the precautions needed and conditions taken when hosting travellers and can proceed without any concerns. 

In the case of all questions relation to your house insurance, it is your insurer who is most capable of answering your queries and who can best advise you.