Booking requests (travellers)

I don't seem to be able to make a booking, what shall i do?

You would like to finalize your booking and reserve the accommodation/ room for your dates, but you are unable to complete your booking?

Make sure that you have completed the required information on your Profile, certain information is needed for a proper platform of security, it should also be reliable so that your stay and its organization take place under the best conditions. Your data will never be passed onto a third party nor be made visible on your profile, it is not sent to the host until a booking is confirmed.

  • To finalize your booking, click the Book button found on the advert of the accommodation in question
  • Check the details of your stay and choose whether or not subscribe with insurance (it is optional)
  • Choose your payment method, insert your credit card details, then click on "validate"

There will then be an authorization of payment request, however your account will only be charged if the host accepts your booking, The host has a maximum of 24 hours to accept or reject your enquiry. Beyond that period the reservation request is cancelled and no amount is debited from your bank account.

Humanity, friendliness and politeness are at the heart of BedyCasa concept, we strongly recommend that you attach a message to your reservation and/ or send a message via the "contact me" button on the advertisement ahead of your reservation to introduce yourself to the host and ensure the availability of your stay.

I want to cancel my stay, will i be refunded?

Our cancellation terms are as follows, and depend on the type of payment chosen by your host.

If you paid for your entire stay at time of your booking:

If you have not subscribed to the EuropAssistance insurance.

Cancellation policies depend on when the cancellation was registered on the site and the time between your cancellation and the arrival date originally scheduled.

  • If you cancel more than 10 days prior to arrival: You will be refunded up to 70% of the accommodation amount. The host will receive compensation related to your cancellation, due to him having blocked his calendar and thus was not able to accept other bookings for the dates your reserved.
  • If you cancel between 10 days and 48 hours before arrival: You will be refunded up to 50% of the accommodation amount. The host will receive compensation related to your cancellation, due to him having blocked his calendar and thus was not able to accept other bookings for the dates your reserved.
  • If you cancel less than 48 hours before arrival: Unfortunately you will not be refunded. The host will receive compensation related to your cancellation, due to him having blocked his calendar and thus was not able to accept other bookings for the dates you reserved.

If you have paid a deposit at time of booking:

If you have not subscribed to the EuropAssistance insurance.

  • This deposit will not be refunded, there is a cancellation fee which is equal to the deposit .

If you have purchased a travel insurance at the time of booking.

If the reasons for your cancellation are covered by insurance, contact the firm Albinet as soon as possible so that the insurance can reimburse the difference between your payment (excluding insurance) and the refund through BedyCasa. You will find all complete details and documents related on the Insurance page.

Why should i make a booking on bedycasa?

Simply for more safety.

By making a booking on BedyCasa, your stay will be formally confirmed and you will receive a confirmation email with:

  • An invoice that you can access at any moment on your Booking Space
  • A printable version of the contract between the host and the tenant for your stay.

By booking with BedyCasa you can also contact our customer services available 7 days a week. The reference of your booking will allow us to make an efficient and responsive follow up of your booking request. Unfortunately we cannot provide a follow up if the booking is not created on the site.

Finally you will also benefit from greater security for your payment. BedyCasa will pay the host/owner the day after your arrival, thus you have enough time to contact us if the accommodation does not match the description on the site.

Where can i find my bookings?

In your BedyCasa Dashboard, you will find a page entirely dedicated to your Bookings. On the Home Page, use the link contact me, insert your email and password, then click on "Login". Finally, click on My account (at the top of the page) and choose the Bookings menu.

There you will find all your bookings, be them confirmed, pending validation, pending payment or bookings that have been cancelled . For each booking, click on "view details" to access your booking details, your Invoice page and your Host-Tenant contract.

With all booking details you will also find the Booking Code that you must give to your host(s) once you arrive so that the host can validate your arrival and allow payment to be processed.

To find all reservations including previous dates, click on the History menu on your Booking tab.

My bookings

How do i know if my booking is accepted or rejected?

Your host has a maximum of 24 hours to accept or refuse your booking request. Whatever the answer, you will always receive an email notifying you of the host's answer.

Once your booking is accepted, your stay will be confirmed and you will receive a confirmation with the direct contact details of your host.

If your booking is  refused or automatically cancelled (if the host does not reply within 24 hours), you will receive an email informing you, and your credit card or your PayPal account will not be charged. We will help you if you want to find alternative accommodation and will advise you about the best way of creating a Travel Alert (A free and practical feature to save time and make bookings in a safe way).

Why has my reservation request been refused?

Your reservation may have been refused for the following reasons:

  • Is your traveler profile is properly filled in? At the heart of the BedyCasa concept and thus behind each advert is the real person, so quite naturally hosts like to have some information about their upcoming travelers. A full profile with a small picture, a few lines of description and brief mention of the reasons for your trip will significantly increase your chances of the reservation being accepted.

Complete My Profile

  • What if the host is not available and unfortunately has not updated his calendar? Often caugh up in their professional activities or family lives, some of our hosts are not always diligent in updating the calendar. Unfortunately we've yet to find the magic formula to solve this issuem, but we are working on it.We recommend that you contact our hosts before booking with the Contact me button on all the ads. This allows you to contact as many hosts as you want.

To save time when searching and avoid future issues, create a Travel Alert now, a very practical tool which allows you to quickly inform all hosts which match your criteria of your search. Our hosts can then contact you directly and offer to their homes, meaning that you can then choose the accommodation you like best.

What happens with my payment if a booking was refused or automatically cancelled?

Don't worry, the debit of your payment method (credit card or PayPal) is effective if and only if the host accepts your reservation. When inserting your bank details during the booking request, an authorization of payment request is made on your credit card or Paypal account. No funds are debited at this time.

In case of refusal or if the host does not respond within the 24 hour time limit (the reservation is then automatically cancelled) there is no debit to your credit card or Paypal account, the authorization of payment request will be cancelled and the debit can no longer be made.

It may be that your bank platform related to your online payments shows that the funds dedicated for the reservation have been taken from your account. This being the case, banks cancel the payment authorization within an average of 7 days. This debit is never processed via our platform, and your payment platform will be updated within 7 days (average time). If you want to renew a request but your Internet payment platform is exceeded, please contact your bank to temporarily increase your limit.

What happens when you're clear about your payment status, but are still looking for a room to rent or have not yet found a Homestay?

Create a Travel Alert now, by taking a few seconds to complete your search criteria and get messages from our hosts matching your search.

Using your criteria, we will send an email with your information to all our hosts in your desired region, so that they can then directly offer you their accommodation. Some travelers have found their ideal accommodation and received their confirmation email within 10 minutes thanks to the alert. Why not you?

Create Your Travel Alert

What should i do with my booking code?

What happens if you have received a 4-digit code but do not know how can it be used?

If the host with whom you booked opted for secure payment with BedyCasa, then you settle the payment for your entire stay once the host accepts your request. However, to secure the payment on your side, we will pay the host the day after your arrival with the booking code you received in your confirmation email.

You will have to liaise with your host upon arrival, who will then be able insert the code the day after and confirm your arrival. Only you (and BedyCasa) know the code which unblocks the payment for the host.

You can find your booking code anytime via the details of your booking in your Bookings menu then "View details"

If the accommodation does not match the description on the website, contact us as soon as possible and take pictures justifying differences with the site description.

How to print my invoice/ have a proof of booking?

For each stay booked through BedyCasa, you can find your bill at any time from your user space.

Make sure you are logged into your BedyCasa Account, (Login).

 Once connected:

  • Click on the Bookings menu
  • Click on "View details" on the line of the booking in question
  • The billing space is at the bottom of the page
  • Click the button "View details / Print"
  • If the reservation has already been completed, you will find all your bookings from the tab Archives of the Booking menu

Can i cancel a booking before i receive the confirmation?

If your host has not yet responded to your booking, this means that your booking has not yet been accepted. You can cancel it and your credit card/PayPal account will not be charged

At this point, a request for authorization of payment has been made to your bank account, but the payment has not yet occurred. If there is a cancellation, it will result in the cancellation of the payment authorization, the host can no longer accept this request and your account will not be charged.

To cancel, go to your Booking Space then click on "View details" then click on the red button "Cancel my booking".

What happens if the host cancels my reservation after having previously accepted it?

Cancellations by the host are very rare but can take place. Despite their prior commitment, the host may cancel your stay.

We understand that this situation is far from being pleasant for our travelers who want to get their stay arranged. Our Customer service is available at the address and makes every effort to offer you alternative accommodation and find an solution as soon as possible.

If we find an alternative that meets your needs, the reservation is then carried out as quickly as possible and the first payment re-credited on site and then re-used for the new payment on the site.

If unfortunately no proposed alternative meets your criteria, we will proceed to  fully refund your reservation in shortest time possible. So that the refund is quickly received in your bank account, we advise you to update your direct bank details on the reimbursement 'Bank details' menu tab.

If your host as warned you that he can no longer host you, contact us now quoting your booking reference at

How to be sure that the accommodation really exist?

BedyCasa works through a network community, reviews of hosts and travelers are ubiquitous on the site and are a sign of trust for the whole community.

Moreover, because the host is paid by BedyCasa the day after your arrival thanks to the Booking code, any fraud attempts are limited, as the hosts receive no payment prior to your arrival.

We highly recommend that you contact the host a few days before your arrival to liaise your arrival time, establish contact and make sure the address is specified in your confirmation  email.

Warning: do not pay a deposit prior to your arrival. If in any case your host is asking you to pay the deposit whilst booking, contact us at: