Bookings and payments (hosts)

I received a new booking request, how do i respond?

There are two options available to you to when answering a booking on BedyCasa. You either can go directly to the website or you can click on the link in the email we sent you.

To respond directly from your BedyCasa user account,

  • Click on "Booking Menu"
  • Click on "View the detail"
  • Then click on the green button "Accept the booking" or on the red button "Refuse the booking"

To respond from the email that we have sent to you,

  • Click on the button "See the booking request"
  • Sign in with your email and password in the column "I have an account"
  • Click on the Booking menu.
  • Click on "View details"
  • Then click on the green button "Accept the booking" or on the red button "Refuse the booking"

After validation of the booking, a confirmation email will be sent to you with details of your traveler. These details are also available via your "Bookings" tab.

What is the pre-acceptance of a reservation, and how does it work?

Pre-accepting a reservation once you have received a message on BedyCasa allows a reservation to be confirm before the traveller pays Once the reservation has been accepted, the traveller has 24hrs to complete the payment and finalise their stay. If the traveller completes the payment in under 24hrs, then confirmation is automatically sent immediately after payment to your address and that of the traveller. 

With the pre-acceptance function you don't need to then revalidate the reservation via the Reservation Menu.

Your calendar is not blocked during this time and you can therefore receive other reservations for similar dates. The traveller is made aware that the pre-acceptance does not mean that these will be blocked and that they need to finalise their trip as soon as possible if they are wanting to stay with you. If you accept another reservation for those dates which overlaps, then then the traveller who has made the pre-reservation will not be able to finalise their stay, the dates will no longer be availablle when they go to pay. 

Make sure to regularly update your calendar if you use several site, because in instances when there has been a cancellation by the host, as a penalty is applied to the next reservation made for their accommodation. 

How can i receive a free sms text alert notifying me about a message or a reservation?

In order to receive a SMS Text Alert notifying you about a message or a reservation, complete the following steps:

Once connected to your BedyCasa account,

  1. Click on "My Account" at the top of the page
  2. Click on the "Home" button
  3. In the "Contact" category, where you will find the box which you can tick which says "I wish to receive SMS notifications". Then all you have to do is select with your mouse and enter your telephone number

Don't forget to select your country so that the country code prefix is used in order to ensure that you receive messages and notifications to your telephone. 

How and when to validate the arrival of my guests?

If you have chosen for payment to be made through BedyCasa (Our Third Trusted party system offers greater a guarantee and better safety).

The traveler has already paid for his entire stay when the booking was accepted. You will receive your net host earnings after validating your traveler'(s) arrival with the booking code consisting of 4 numbers inyour BedyCasa account.

This code can be inserted the day after the arrival of your travelers (allowing time for them get back to us if unfortunately the accommodation does not match the description on BedyCasa).

The day after the traveler's arrival, log on to your BedyCasa account,

  1. Click on Booking Space
  2. Click on "View details"
  3. Then press the green button"Validate the arrival of the traveler"

Your confirmation will be sent automatically to the accounting service and will made the payment of your total host net debit or a part if you agreed to easy terms payment. If you decide to pay by direct debit and our travelers arrived during the weekend, please be patient, ourbank as lots of others is closed on weekends

If you decide to make a payment on arrivalthe traveler paid you directly, however the confirmation upon arrival is important and will enable to send reminders to the traveler for him to to rate your accommodation and your reception. Comments are necessary to make the listing offer attractive. Make you sure you confirmed your travelers arrivals even if you chose the payment on arrival.

How and where to insert my bank details to receive my payments?

If you have opted for payment through BedyCasa providing better guarantees of payment, the traveler has already paid for his entire stay once you accept their request on the site.

Once connected to your BedyCasa dashboard,

  1. Click on "My account" at the top of the page
  2. Click on the "Bank details" menu
  3. Click on "I am a Host"
  4. Fill in the country of your bank account
  5. Your different payment options will be offered, choose the one you prefer (in 95% of cases you will have the choice between bank transfer and Paypal), once you have selected your option, complete the form and click on Validate

The registering of your bank details is only required for your first booking, this data will not be requested again later, you can still change it whenever you want:

  1. Click on the "Bank details" menu
  2. Click on "I am a Host"
  3. Then on "Edit"

The security of your data is a priority for us, our goal is to work with you long term. We are also working to do our best to process your payment as soon as possible.

The day after the arrival of your travelers do not forget to confirm their arrival with the "Booking code" on your Bookings tab.

If you have opted for payment on arrival, the traveler has paid a deposit, the payment is done by cash in hand on arrival.

How do i modify my payment type?

In order to modify your payment type, complete the following steps:

Once connected to the BedyCasa Account,

  1. Click on "My Account" at the top of the page
  2. Click on the "Profile" button
  3. Then go to the bottom of the page to complete "Your payment type" which you can then modify
  4. Don't forget to validate your new payment preference by saving it at the bottom of the page

How do i find the contact information of the traveller once the booking is accepted?

When you validate a booking, a confirmation email is sent to you with the contact details of your traveller. However, if you have deleted or lost this email by mistake, do not panic! You can find their contact information directly on your dashboard.

Sign in to your BedyCasa account with your email and your password,

  • Cick on the Booking section
  • Click on "View details"
  • Here you will see below the details of the booking and the contact information of your traveller

What is meant by the emails entitled: travellers looking for accommodation in your region?

Emails with the object title "travellers looking for accommodation in your region"  are sent out once a Travel Alert has been sent out by a traveller.

The Travel Alert is a tool at the traveller's disposal to help find accommodation quickly in a town. The traveller enters their criteria, and an email is sent to our Hosts who correspond to their search in order to inform them that someone is wanting to stay in their town.

You can also contact a voyager via the "View [Traveller First name]'s Profile" link. This will redirect you onto that person's profile where you simply click the yellow button  "contact [Traveller First name]" to inform them of your availability. This tool is also beneficial in that it allows you the possibility of significantly increasing your chances of hosting people in your accommodation.

How do travellers search for my town using travel alerts?

There are two ways in which you can find travellers who are looking for accommodation in your region.

Firstly, once a traveller has launched a Travel Alert, you will receive an email giving you the opportunity to send them a messasge via BedyCasa.

  • Click on "View [Traveller First name]'s Profile" which you will find in the email
  • You will then by redirected to their Profile page where you can inform them of your availability via a message on BedyCasa by clicking on the yellow button "Contact [Traveller First name]" which can be found on the right

You also have the option of searching for people who are looking for accommodation directly for your user account.

  • Click on Connect me using your email address and password where it says "I already have an account"
  • Click on "My Account"
  • Click on the "Travel Alerts" button
  • Then go on the "Find Travellers" tab
  • Choose the accommodation which you would like to receive notifications about reservations for and then click on "Search" and the list of people search criteria which corresponds to your accommodation will appear
  • To contact them, simply click on the "Contacter [Traveller First name]" button found to the right.

How does the deposit system work on bedycasa?

We do not currently manage the deposit request stipulated by the host when the booking is done, it is at your charge as host to request the deposit from the traveller on their arrival when giving them the keys are and refund the depot before their departure providing no damage has been caused.

In the case of requesting a deposit upon arrival, this information should have been mentioned previously on your ad. You will find a specific field in the Accommodation menu, then click on Edit the accommodation, then on the Additional info button. Do not forget to click "save" at bottom of this page in order to save your changes.

Any non refund of the deposit must be justified.

What happens if a traveller wants to come and visit my accommodation?

If you are in contact with the person who wants to make a reservation with you for a long period and who wants to come and see the accommodation before making a reservation, we can create a  "Viewing".

A 'Viewing' is a document by which the host and the travellercommit to going through BedyCasafor the reservation if the accommodation suits the traveller. The Viewing document is sent to you by email and must be returned, again by email, signed and dated. Once both Viewing documents have been received, we will then proceed to exhange your contact details so that you can organise the viewing . If you would like to obtain a viewing document, please send a request to

Can i cancel a reservation if i have previously confirmed it?

Cancellation by a host after having previously accepted and confirmed a request, as you can imagine, puts the traveller in an awkward position. Having thought that their trip was organised, the inconvenience caused to the traveller is at its worst when the cancellation comes just several days before their trip.  

In order to limit the number of cancellations by hosts after having accepted the reservation and to increase vigilance when the reservation is accepted, a 15% penalty will be reducted from the payment processed on your next reservation.   

We kindly ask you to show politeness towards the traveller and help us to reduce the inconvenience caused to the traveller by informing us of any cancellations in a quick email with brief details as soon as you think that you can no longer uphold your engagement to the address:

How can i deactivate receiving emails from travellers looking for accommodation in my region?

In order to deactivate emails about Travel Alerts launched by travellers looking for accommodation, once connected to your user account, you simply click on "My Account" at the top of the page.

From there, you will then find the "Travel Alerts" tab immediately to the right of your "Reservations" page. Click on it and tick the box which is found next to the following phrase: "I wish to be notified by email once an alert which corresponds to one of my rooms has been created"

When do travellers pay cleaning fees and a deposit? do they pay when reserving on bedycasa or when they are at the accommodation?

Cleaning fees and deposit are not included in your basket when reserving and are therefore not paid online by the traveller when this is processed. 

Cleaning fees and deposit are paid by the traveller directly cash in hand at the accommodation once the keys have been given. 

No deposit should be taken from the traveller before there has been an inventory of the accommodation and the keys are given. The deposit must be given back to the traveller if no damage has occurred.  

Cleaning fess are less justifiable for a bedroom of the inhabitants, it is in this case preferable to increase your tarif by a few euros per night rather than to add an additonal cost. Moreover, cleaning fees should remain with a reasonable limit. 

The deposit and cleaning fees should be stated in your advertisement, via the Edit my advertisement menu, and then insert your "Additional information" for each of your advertisements. 

How make the payment easier for the travellers?

The option “agree to easy terms of payment” enable to make the traveler booking achievement easier, especially when the booking amount is high.

The traveler will only pay a deposit on the website and will pay the remaining balance upon arrival hand by hand.

The deposit paid by the traveler will include the Bedycasa fees and a part of your host net profit which will be transfered to your bank account as soon as the traveler is arrived, it will be a guarantee in case of a traveller cancellation.

You will receive a part of your host net profit so :

  • The day after the traveller arrival in case the traveller arrived through the arrival confirmation.
  • ou
  • Around 72h after registering the traveller cancellation on the website

The traveller will pay you the remaining balance upon arrival to your place

Activate the easy terms of payment in a few clicks.

Go on the menu "Bank details" from your Bedycasa account (My account > Home > bank details > Host payment type).

Simply tick the box “Activate the easy terms of payment for the travellers” and choose the amount of the guarantee wanted

  • If you select 25%, your guarantee will be 10% the accommodation amount. (25% deducted from your host commission of 15%)

  • If you select 50%, your guarantee will be 35% of the accommodation amount (50% deducted of the host commission of 15%)