Exchanging messages

How to read or send messages?

The BedyCasa messaging system allows hosts/owners and travelers to contact each other in a safe way. It also gives the oppotunity for  any questions necessary to be asked to ensure proper organization before the trip itself.

To contact a BedyCasa member, you need to create an account (for free) on our site. Once this is done, make sure you are logged in, then simply use the Contact me button displayed on all of our Host's adverts and on all of our Traveler's profiles. Add a subject or simply specify your dates and type your message, and then click on Send.

You will find all your messages in your Messages on your BedyCasa account. Click on the Subject or on the first line of the message to open it, read, and send your reply.

What is the pre-acceptance of a reservation, and how does it work?

When a traveller is interested in your accommodation we advise them to contact you to introduce themselves before making their reservation via the  "Contact me" button found on your advertisement. 

Once the traveller has states their dates and the number of travellers wanting to in the message criteria, there are 4 ways in which you can respond: 

  1. Responding to pre-acceptance reservations:
    Pre-acceptance of a reservation means that the traveller has 24hrs to finalise their stay upon which they will instantly receive confirmation. The stay must correspond to the selected dates and the number of people indicated in the message. If there are different dates and/or number of people, then the traveller must complete their reservation with the usual process (that is that it must be accept through your BedyCasa user space). If the traveller finalises their stay through a pre-acceptance, then you don't need to validate a new reservation. Once the traveller has paid, confirmation emails will be sent through to you. If the 24hrs period is exceeded without any reply from the traveller then the pre-acceptance is automatically cancelled and the traveller must restart the process with a normal reservation.
  2. Responding to travellers with a Special rate (price offer): Répondre tout en faisant une Offre (prix) spéciale au voyageur:
    You can reply to all travellers by sending them a special rate, specific to them, the date and number of people stated to be travelling with them. This special offer is also treated like a pre-acceptance of reservation and is only completed when the traveller has finalised their stay As such, you don't need to revalidate the stay through your BedyCasa user space. The traveller has up to 24hrs to finalise their stay and to take advantage of the special rate you have offered them. If the period is exceeded without any reply from the traveller then the pre-acceptance is automatically cancelled and the traveller must restart the process with a normal reservation (which you do through your BedyCasa user space). Furthermore, they can no longer benefit from the special offer. 

  3. Decling reservation requests: 
    If you are not available during the dates selected, or if you don't accept short term stays for just one or two nights  or on the contrary if you don't want to host long duration stays, and also if your tarifs stated are not up to date, you can decline the traveller's request. You should then immediately update your advertisement and in order to make it accurate and relevant for the next travellers who view your advertisement.   

  4. Carry on the conversation:
    You can of course carry on the conservation with the traveller if there are certain details that need straightening out and discussing further before giving them your final response about the stay.

Why can't we exchange our contact details?

All contact details exchanged via messages before a confirmed booking is made are moderated so that each booking can be carried out through BedyCasa for the reasons given below:

  1. To ensure the protection and confidentiality of personal data of our hosts and travelers.
  2. To ensure a follow up of all transactions carried out through BedyCasa and thus to provide Customer service   
  3. To bring you a quick and relevant answer. When bookings are not made through BedyCasa, it is impossible for us to ensure a follow up.
  4. To print the owner-tenant contract defining the rent conditions for both the host and the tenant(s)/traveler(s).
  5. To print an Invoice for the traveler which acts as proof of the accommodation and also payment.
  6. To insure payment safety and confidentiality for both the host (guaranteed to be paid) and the traveler (the payment is safe until the day following his arrival).
  7. To secure the stay for both parties with a written and accurate record of the booking and those affected by it.
  8. BedyCasa is remunerated only on a performance model (the host or the traveler will not pay registration fees on the site), the fee charged for each confirmed booking ensures Customer service , as well as promoting offers internationally, securing the site and online payments, and constantly improving the website thanks to feedback and customer suggestions.

For all these reasons, we would appreciate if you respected the BedyCasa conditions of use and our Team's work. Our goal is not to restrict communication and contacts but the opposite. For all questions about viewings for long term bookings or questions that you are unable to ask via messages on BedyCasa, feel free to contact the Customer Service for any assistance.

I still do not have answers to my messages, what shall i do?

Have you sent one or more messages via BedyCasa and are still waiting for an answer from our users?

Firstly check if your message has been sent successfully by logging into your BedyCasa account, and clicking on the  Messages tab. On this page you can find your previously sent messages. If this is not the case, the messages have definitely not been sent due to incomplete information on your profile (this allows us to make the platform secure). Fill in your details, in the Profile tab then send your message again.

If you have sent your message a few hours ago, please be patient, the majority of our hosts are working and cannot check nor answer messages on BedyCasa during this time.

What if your message has been sent, and it has been over 24 hours and your host still does not answer? Please be aware that the reactivity of our hosts is very important to us, ads with a high number of unread messages are turned off by our teams in order to ensure a high rate of response. We would advise you to contact other hosts and save time by creating a Travel Alert (see below).

If your search is very URGENT and you cannot allow yourself to wait too long, then you can create a Travel Alert (for free) now and save time . Simply specify your search criteria (which takes only 30 seconds), then click on "Send". An email with your search details will be sent to the hosts which match your criteria and our available hosts/owners will contact you directly to invite you to book their accommodation, you simply have to choose the one you like best and finalise your reservation.

Create your Travel Alert

What happens as a host if i do not reply to a message or to a reservation request?

Reaction activity is an essentiel element for each host with BedyCasa, it is highly important to properly reply to messages and reservations. This is because travellers are waiting for a reply on your side so that they can get themselves organised for their trip (by reserving their plane or train tickets for example).

If you don't reply to messages and/or reservations your advertisement will in the first instance be moved down the list of results for your town, then, if the number of non read messages increases again, your advertisement will be temporarily disactived until you have read your messages and replied to your travellers. (you will receive an email warning you about the temporary disactivation for your advertisement and instruction to follow about how to reactivate it).

If you receive a request from a traveller which you are not interested in because your bedroom is unavailable or the length of their stay does not correspond to your availability, then a short reply will take you only a few seconds to send, and is a lot nicer for the traveller than not hearing from you.