Reviews and comments

Why comments are so important?

BedyCasa works on a community network basis. Your comments are very important to our users, travelers and hosts.

If you are a Traveler, feedback about your stay will be an important element in the choice of accommodation for people in the future who will consult the advertisement of the host whom you already met and whose accommodation you have already tested. In addition, you will allow your host to obtain the World Family label. This label is obtained once the host has received 3 positive comments, which is a real guarantee of trust and quality of the accommodation.

If you are a Host, your opinion also matters. Indeed, your traveler will no doubt travel again with BedyCasa. Your review will help future hosts know that they have already traveled with our site and have received feedback. In addition, you also allow them to acquire the label "Certified world traveler" which is obtained after 3 positive comments and which constitutes a real mark of safety and of trust.

What happens if i have given my feedback about my stay but am still receiving reminder emails?

Have you given your feedback and comments about your accommodation and stay with your host but are still receiving reminder emails? 

It's possible that your feedback that you left wasn't left on the advert of the accommodation that you reserved or on the host's user profile. This would be why we are still awaiting your feedback about the accommodation you reserved.  

Il est possible que le commentaire que vous avez inséré n'est pas été inséré sur l'annonce du logement réservé ou a été insére sur le profil utilisateur de l'hébergeur, et c'est la raison pour laquelle nous attendons toujours votre retour sur l'annonce du logement lié à votre réservation.

To easily give your feedback on the accommodation your reserved,

  1. Connect onto your BedyCasa Account, click on Réservations, and select the traveller or Archives tab (if the reservation has been and gone)
  2. Click on View details  of the reservation in question and then click on the accommodation photo
  3. At the bottom of the page you will find the space for your feedback and advance evaluaion criteria for your reservation

We kindly thank you for using BedyCasa and your feedback.

My traveller's stay just ended, how do i put a comment on their profile?

In order to post your review, an email will be sent to you where you will find the link "Evaluate your traveler". Simply click on it, and you will be automatically redirected to their profile.

Once on their profile and logged into your BedyCasa account (Login link found at the top right hand corner of the page),

  1. Click on the "Enter your comment" insert (at the bottom of page) in order to write your review
  2. Then select the number of stars to rate your overall impression by clicking on each of them
  3. Click on "Add" and your comment is saved!

You also have the option to enter your review directly from your BedyCasa user account.

To start, sign into your account using your email and password.

  • Click on the Booking menu
  • Click on "View details"
  • You will then have access to click onto the profile of your traveler on your right
  • Once on their profile, click on the "Enter your comment" insert in order to write your review
  • Then select the number of stars to rate your overall impression by clicking on each of them
  • Click on "Add" and your comment is saved!