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Do i have to pay to sign up to bedycasa?

Signing up on Bedycasa as a traveler or as a host is totally free such as the website research, the chat with other bedycasa members and even our customer service which is at your disposal by email

The compensation of our services is only done by results, it means when the booking has been confirmed (accepted by the host). Bedycasa Service fees are calculated on a decreasing commission of the accommodation amount and are not included on the host prices.

These fees enable us to track the booking and provide you the assistance you need, in case of problem. Fees also enable us to secure your direct debit through the Bedycasa payment.

I’ve forgotten my password, what do i do?

 Trying to connect to your BedyCasa account but forgotten your password? Don't worry, you can quickly and easily reset it.

  1. Click on the Connect me link
  2. Click on the Forgotten my password link found underneath the Connection button
  3. Insert your email, and then click on the Send button
  4. Check your email address inbox and open the email received for BedyCasa, then click on the link found in the email
  5. Insert your new password, then once you have confirmed it, you will be automatically reconnected to the site

I cannot log in, what shall i do?

If you are trying to sign up to BedyCasa and your email is already in use, it means that you have already created an account on the site. As such you will need to use the "Login" button to access your user space.

Can't remember your password?

To reset a new password in a few seconds, you simply need to:

  1. Click on the Forgotten password link
  2. Enter your email in the email field
  3. Click on "Send"

An email will then be sent to your personal email. Open the email and click the link within, a new web page will open and you can fill in a brand new password. Click on "validate" and you will then be automatically reconnected to your user space. The next time you connect, you can simply use your new password.

How do i delete my account?

If you want to delete your BedyCasa account, you must send us an email at: providing us with the email address you have used to registered with on BedyCasa. If you are hosting, kindly tell us if you want to keep your BedyCasa account to travel with us or if you want to delete your entire account.