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Choose the Gift Voucher amount and customize it with a message of your own.


Once your order is placed, you receive your pretty customizable and printable Gift Voucher under 24 hours.


The happy beneficiary could credit the amount to his BedyCasa account and use it for thousands of offers on our site.

The BedyCasa gift vouchers will be credited to the beneficiary's account as travel credits. These travel credits could be used during 12 months after the purchase of the mentioned gift voucher. Travel credits could be used for all BedyCasa offers whether it is payment by BedyCasa or payment on arrival. Beware that if you use travel credits to book an accommodation with payment on arrival, the difference to be paid on arrival could not be reimbursed, so the beneficiary is advised to prefer offers with payment by BedyCasa. In no instance travel credits that are credited after the activation of a gift voucher, can be yielded, sold or exchanged.