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Bakau , Gambia

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Description of the space proposed to travellers:
Our basic rate is £150 per week, per single person for room and half board (breakfast and evening meal). We find many people have very little for lunch when here, it being a very hot part of the day. Also many people will often be out and about at lunch time, so we don't want to charge you for something you are not getting. However Haruna can organise a lunch for you, as and when you might want it. You only need to ask him how much it would be for him to go shop for some salad for instance. Also the 'Sand Plover' beach bar is a great place to take a few beers and a lunch. Always bear in mind that you have the freedom to do your own thing for lunch in our kitchen if you want to.
Half board rate also includes Gambia airport transfers. Haruna is available @£10 per day as a guide. He can accompany you on trips and generally make your stay with us a wonderful and memorable experience.
The basic rate does not include the cost of any activities you may want to undertake while you are staying with us (e.g. drum or dance workshops, excursions, nature reserves, etc). You will need to pay for these directly in The Gambia, but we can get you local prices not rip off tourist prices. e.g. under £5 per hour for drumming. We offer discounts for couples, families and groups (see below). We are offering 10% discount on all half board, weekly rates to guests who have stayed with us previously. We are also offering 10% discount on all half board, weekly rates for stays of 3 or more weeks duration.

We have discounts from time to time and will negotiate to some extent. For the fullest info and lots of photos see the website at

LOCATION & AREA In Bakau, we are within 10 minutes walk of anything you might reasonably want. Like the beach, bars, clubs, supermarket, doctors, dentist, hardware store, botanical gardens, bird watching, places of cultural and historical interest etc. The climate is sub tropical and throughout the year, on average, each day is dry, sunny & around 28 Celsius. We are on the edge of town, so it's very easy to walk out into the local countryside, or to the beach. It is safe to walk alone at night and being away from the tourist areas, we don't suffer the hassle that hotel dwellers have to put up with.

Host preferences
Minimum 2 day(s)

Close to

  • Abuko Nature Reserve at 10.0km
  • Arch 22 at 10.3km
  • Bijilo National Park at 8.2km
  • Independence Stadium at 1.1km
  • Katchikali Sacred Crocodile Pool at 390m
  • Fajara Golf Club at 3.0km
  • Gambia Technical Training Institute at 2.7km
  • Salagi Forest Park at 11.6km



Category Guest house
Type Individual bedroom - 50 m² - Up to 3 people
Arrival time Any
Departure time Any

What's there

Type of bed Double Bed: sleeps 1 - Double Bed: sleeps 1 - Couch: sleeps 1
Commodities Private bathroom  -  Private toilet


Smokers Outside


Pets accepted No



Lodgers Per night per week (7 nights) per month (28 nights)
1 person €26.61 €157.33 €483.57
2 people €42.80 €254.51 €778.57
3 people €69.41 €413 €1,263.30

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