Bedycasa offers you a range of win-win partnerships which allow you to boost your income if you're an individual, reach your business targets if you're a business, or quite simply by expand yourself by offering a both ethical and innovative concept to enrich the way information is diffused to our users. 

de partenariats gagnants-gagnants qui vous permettront de compléter vos revenus si vous êtes un individuel, d’accroître votre chiffre d’affaires si vous êtes une entreprise ou tout simplement d’élargir votre offre en proposant un concept éthique et innovant permettant d’enrichir l’information diffusée à vos visiteurs.

Become a Partner

Being rooted in sharing economies collaborative consumption, means that we work hard to form link with other players who share are values, our activity and our community. If you think we may be interested in working with us then please contact us on this address:

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Become Affilitated

If you would like to be informed of all or some the offers available on our website then you quite easily can! Our search engines, XML streams and banners are at your disposal, and we will only take commission on the sales which we help you to make. If you would like become involved then please sign up to our affiliation programme on Public-Ideas.