Parental authorization for underage people who are travelling alone

Since January 2013, it is no longer necessary to get a Parental Authorization to get out from the territory for the underage children. This document was particularly asked when going through the customs.

However, we highly recommend to the parents to write a parental authorization to their children just in case of control by a customs’ agent or by the police of the country of destination. Indeed, some countries are still requesting for this authorization and, anyway, this authorization is very comforting for everybody (host family, child, local authorities).

What are the usual formalities when travelling alone for an underage child ?
Any child of less than 18 years old needs to have a passport to travel. According to the countries, he/she will also need to present a visa.

To help the parent(s) to write this letter, here is a downloadable model (the French, Spanish and Italian versions are also downloadable ; to do so, you just need to change the language of the site).