Stay at a local's: this is an ideal solution for every stage of a student's life. In 2013, more than 15 000 students rented a room at a local's via BedyCasa for their academic year.

Start of Term (getting installed)

'I wanted to take time to visit my future flat and get to know different neignbourhoods', Philippe, from Brittany, decided to spend 2 weeks at a local's last September when he arrived in Lyon. As he was new to the town, and didn't know its different areas, nor how to get to his University, staying at a local's seemed to be a budget and practical solution to him. It allowed him not to jump into a decision too quickly and take time to visit different apartments to live there during his academic year. Partly thanks to the tips his host shared with him, he could find his "home, sweet home".

Work/study work

Being on a block release training means studying a few weeks in Bordeaux, for example, and working the rest of the time in Nantes. Renting out a room at a local's during one's studies allows to save money for accommodation while meeting new people and spending good moments together.

Competitive and entrance exams

Starting February, many students go all over different regions in view of taking their entrance examinations for ingeneering and business schools, etc... Almost a Tour de France or of Europe to get a place in the school of one's dreams, and this situation requires a certain amount of money. Renting out a room at a local's not only allows to cut one's expenses, but also to enjoy a certain comfort as if you were 'at home' to stack all the odds in your favour and get well prepared.

Internships and terms abroad

Stay abroad during a term is a great opportunity to acquire more linguistic competence. What else can be better than optimizing one's stay and continue to practice your foreign language at the end of your day with your hosts. Staying at locals' abroad means discovering a whole new culture from inside.

End of studies internship

Studying in Paris and having an internship of end of studies in Montpellier is an example of most students' routine. Moving, looking for a new home, while taking exams or starting one's internship at once, all that requires good organization. Often students take an accommodation as they don't have better options or their budget is limited. Renting a room at a local's for a few nights, weeks or for the entire internship period, is taking one's time to find a suitable match.


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